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2004 AACA Expo Show Photos

A few photos from the show .......

I received a call from one of our members of the AFACA yesterday

National Ancient American

Artifact Exposition 2004

a few photos

(see the cache at table # 67 at the expo)   

I did not get to take as many photos as I wanted to and did not get any from Saturday.  The following shots were taken Sunday.  I was glad to meet many new collectors and see many old friends.  I even met seven or eight people from my area who are going to come to our monthly AFACA meetings.  

I want to thank everyone who congratulated Speedy on his cache find and viewed the part that he was able to put together to bring to the show.  

I would like to thank Jim Bennett and all the board members for a great show!

Oh, and Jim....... congratulation on your new book..... I have been reading through..........  a very good composition of your research!

      above - A view of the floor............. Chad Childs looking at camera.

above - Rick Bennett checking out storybook on cache find.  Hayden Bybee looking on.

above - Dennis Hess & Bill Neece

above - Lily Higgs

Monty Pennington - ( thanks for the photo Dennis)

above - Eddie & Debbie Rassenfoss

above - Bill Neece & Roger Couch

Adam Agusti, (on left), from Indiana. Rob Farewell, Chris Capley, & Hayden Bybee ...... all from Ky in dark shirts.

above - Chad Childs

above - part of the Turkeytail Fulton Cache

above - Jerry Dickey & Holland Higgs

above - Debbie Rassenfoss

above - Frame from personal Collection of Hayden Bybee

above - Another of Hayden's Frames

Monty R. Pennington