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Starting A New Year with the AFACA

Come join us at our meetings !

I received a call from one of our members of the AFACA yesterday

Starting a new year with the



Well 2005 is here and it is hard to believe that we are starting a new year already.  John & I would like to welcome you to our first meeting of 2005, this Tuesday night, January 4th, at 6:30 pm.


Our December "Anniversary Meeting" was the best meeting so far with somewhere around 48 people attending.   I only hope that our little group will grow more and more this year.

The individual highlights of personal finds through out the year was outstanding and to numerous to list. One of my personal favorites was the recovery of the turkeytail cache that Speedy discovered, not to mention the G-10 quad that he found on a Lexington, Ky construction site........ but there were MANY great finds from several members that surface hunt. Along with that..... each new month with new members bringing some of their pieces allowed us to see Fantastic pieces from our area that have been found in the past.

We wish to continue our mission to make the AFACA meetings a place to meet, share, and learn, with an emphases on LEARNING. One of the most rewarding things for me this last year was to see members really GROW in their ability to identify lithic material, classify pieces as to typology, and begin to recognize key signs to authenticity!

We would love to see each and every one of you there this TUESDAY NIGHT !!!!!

Come join us Tuesday night for some artifact collecting camaraderie.

We will meet in lobby of Quality Service Garage at 6pm Tuesday night...... come on out! There will be nourishment for the belly as well as the artifact habit, so you do not have to eat before you come.

Quality Service Garage is 3 miles south out of Richmond on U.S. 25 (right beside Cannon Corner Citco). You can come in from Berea on US25 north or if you get off one of the Richmond exits, come around to Kroger's, and turn south on US 25.

Bring along any new finds/acquisitions or a frame or two of your favorites! We would love to see them.

If you are planning on coming from out-of-town and you have never been to a meeting before, email me and I will give you a number in case you get lost!

And Don't worry about being late, as we are usually there 4 to 6 hours!

Look forward to seeing you there,

Monty R. Pennington

The first year of AFACA has led to many great friendships.  John and I would like to give a special thanks to the "core" members that have made it a point to attend every meeting.  Thanks to Danny Stone, Charlie Lutes, Speedy Denny, David Denny, Hayden Bybee, Jeff Mounts as well as the support from dedicated members such as John Bobbitt, Chris Capley, Rob Farewell, Debbie and Eddy Rassenfoss, Roy McIntosh, and others.   Our membership has grown directly through your dedication to bringing people with you.

Also to  a VERY generous Mr. Bill Miller for providing us a place to meet for the last year

Here are a few photos from our December "anniversary" meeting!

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